Free Code Camp - Let's Learn to Code!

Learning how to program and write code have been pretty high on my list of educational pursuits for a number of reasons. First, the fi... Read more »

Book Impression: Getting Things Done

LENGTH: 288 pages READING LEVEL: 3 (easy to read, straightforward, will inspire you to act right away) Bright pur... Read more »

Book Impression: The Millionaire Next Door

LENGTH : 272 pages READING LEVEL: 4 (easy to read, a lot of stories mixed with facts, can be finished in a few days) Let's su... Read more »

Book Impression: Winning - Jack Welch

LENGTH : 384 pages READING LEVEL : 7.5/10 [took me over 10 hours to finish, filled with facts written in story form, contained ... Read more »

The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth: Find Abundance From the Inside-Out

THIS BOOK IS GOOD FOR:  Motivation, Business, Investing, Balanced Living LENGTH : 279 pages (Easy read – conversational style of w... Read more »

REVIEW: Onward: The Book That's About More Than Coffee

“Responsibly Grown. Ethically Traded. Proudly Served.” THIS BOOK IS GOOD FOR: Business Knowledge, Inspiration, Motivation LENGTH : ... Read more »


See I've been working on a jailbreak got no time for a mistake any moment 'til the day breaks no more time to get to know y... Read more »
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