See I've been working on a jailbreak
got no time for a mistake
any moment 'til the day breaks
no more time to get to know you

Jailbreaks take time. 

You have to become so dissatisfied with your surroundings that you have no alternative other than get out at any cost. 

You have to monitor the area for an extended period of time, learning not only every inch of the oppressive tundra but also every nuance of time. 

You use that knowledge to formulate an escape plan. Perhaps you create two or three just to be safe. 

You determine what tools you need to complete said plan. You have to work on these tools, often fashioning them from whatever scraps of discarded materials you can find.  

Then you have to execute the plan. It may or may not work, and you may have to improvise and learn, but the moment you taste freedom is worth all the planning you did up to that point. 

That's how I imagine a jailbreak would go, anyway. It's hard for me to ignore the inherent similarities between an escape from jail and a breakthrough from another similarly restrictive situation.

All the same, a 2015 breakthrough deserves a 2015 theme. So I have chosen this one as this month's (week's? day's?) siren song, a rally cry to anyone who feels trapped in walls of concrete and brick. This song symbolizes the decision to move forward, and an acceptance of risk in favor of increased reward. 

Are you working on your jailbreak?
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