The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth: Find Abundance From the Inside-Out

THIS BOOK IS GOOD FOR: Motivation, Business, Investing, Balanced Living
LENGTH: 279 pages (Easy read – conversational style of writing)

Serial entrepreneur, investor, author and blogger James Altucher applies his inside-out style of holistic living to money acquisition and management in his book “The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth”. He begins the book with a description of the four pillars of health (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and gives practical ways to improve and strengthen these areas. He delves into finance and wealth management halfway through the book, offering key principles in investing and entrepreneurship. He uses this layout to reinforce the point that external wealth is a reflection of internal abundance.

Within “The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth” you will find:

  • Actionable ways to improve in core areas of life
  • Methods of valuing a company for purchase and sale
  • Tips for becoming a master negotiator (and the true meaning of negotiation)
  • A strategy for making more money by having more ideas
  • Altucher's personal stories showing the results from applying key concepts in the book

I have followed James Altucher’s blog for some time, and took great delight in reading his book. I have applied his advice to become an “idea machine” and found that it has enhanced my creativity and led to new initiatives in my life that I may have never thought of before. It was encouraging to read the humbled account of someone who has seen and experienced wild successes and life-altering failures that many people couldn’t imagine, and I was motivated by his perseverance and ability to bounce back and reach new levels. There were also a number of first person entrepreneurial lessons that added some educational benefits and helped round out the book.  

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